Lead-Based Paint Removal

Lead-Based Paint Removal Denver

We removed and disposed of approximately 2,800 SF of wood siding on which lead-based paint had been applied. The toxic siding had been installed on the exterior of a house and garage. Our techs also cleaned all visible paint chips that had fallen onto the ground. The five-figure project was completed in a week. We used proper PPE and proper engineering controls per RRP guidelines. Scaffolding was placed around the main structure to get to the siding in a regulated area. 

Prepping to Widen Major Road

Asbestos Abatement Road Expansion Loveland Colorado

In Loveland, Colorado one of its main thoroughfares, Taft Avenue, will be widened in 2022. To accomplish this, homes will be demolished to make room for the expansion. But before the demolition company takes down the houses, a team of five technicians from ARC’s Denver office abated the asbestos in the homes. Asbestos abatement ensures clean air and dust when the demo takes place. Working on a busy street can be challenging, one which we overcame.

Timing is Everything


ARC is abating asbestos on the Grand Junction, Colorado Veterans Administration campus. It’s a three-phase project; our schedule relies heavily on the timing/coordination of two new AHUs being delivered so they’re not down at the same time.  Delivery of the first AHU was delayed. But as soon as it arrived, we completed the first phase of asbestos abatement in under three days. Now we’re waiting for the next AHU to be delivered, and expect the next phase to take off about March 11th.

Asbestos Containing Materials


Asbestos Containing Materials or ACMs vary per project. ARC Denver is running into a myriad of ACMs at their Colorado School of Mines project that include duct work, caulking, plaster, drywall, floor tile, pipe insulation and windows. Asbestos Containing Materials can be the items themselves or the materials used to hold those items in place. Either way, we are the masters of removing asbestos containing materials.  Our crew of 10 completed this six-figure project in four weeks.