Huge Pre-Cast Panels

Panel Removal

ARC Denver completed a year-long project at a new Magnet STEM Lab School in Northglenn with the removal of six, 8×3 pre-cast panels that weigh 30K pounds each and accompanying columns weighing 10K lbs that contain asbestos. Mike Griffin and his crew of 30 technicians began work in May 2017 on the $1.5M operation that removed floor tiles, mastic, doors, drywall in preparation for another demolition firm. All was completed by the start of the 2018-19 school year.

Abatement Without Disruption

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ARC is abating flooring asbestos without disrupting shopping and operations at a Dallas, Texas retail store. We divided the Burlington Coat Factory into five different areas of concentration and are working in phases. After completing and restoring one area, we move to the next area after a two to three-week work stoppage. This six-figure job will stretch to five months rather than the normal 25-30 days since we are not working straight through. We are all about creative solutions that meet the needs of our customers.

Asbestos in Highland Park


Under the management of general manager Steve Chappell, ARC Dallas spent three weeks in the ritzy 75205 area of Dallas in September 2018 abating 54,000 square feet of asbestos in an apartment building, two-story house, and a garage with overhead apartment.  The project started 9/18/18 and was completed on 10/10/18.  The abatement was in preparation for demolition by another firm. Keeping our record intact, we finished up the project on-time and on budget.

Asbestos Containing Materials


Asbestos Containing Materials or ACMs vary per project. ARC Denver is running into a myriad of ACMs at their Colorado School of Mines project that include duct work, caulking, plaster, drywall, floor tile, pipe insulation and windows. Asbestos Containing Materials can be the items themselves or the materials used to hold those items in place. Either way, we are the masters of removing asbestos containing materials.  Our crew of 10 completed this six-figure project in four weeks.