Interior Demolition

A ten man crew out of our Denver office recently completed removal of two large boilers from the basement of Place Bridge Academy, a school in Denver. It was a “tricky” project using torches and plasma cutters to cut the boilers apart and away from its surroundings, and then lifting it out of place using a custom hoist and raising the boiler so it could be placed in a container.  The project was completed on-time and on budget. The school district is so impressed, we are doing the same at other schools in the district.

Texas Big

Likely the largest asbestos abatement project in the history of the state of Texas in terms of size, our work on 1401 Elm Street in downtown Dallas began in August 2014. The building, Elm Place, is 52-stories and 1.3 million square feet. A challenging aspect of the project is the sheer volume of materials to be abated is approximately five million square feet of materials. We have use of a dozen of the 27 elevators that are still operational to move the hazardous materials. The estimated completion date of this eight-figure contract is October 2015.

Five School Sites

ARC crews worked simultaneously on five Clear Creek ISD campuses during the first part of the summer. HVAC (heating, ventilating, and air conditioning) system replacements were needed, as well as TSI (thermal systems insulation) work. Our team finished the job at all five sites on-time and in-budget, leaving facilities available for student and teacher summer use. We have an ongoing maintenance contract with the district, and count it a privilege to ensure facilities are optimal for student learning year-round.

What’s New

When school let out for the summer at one Houston elementary, the school district put ARC Abatement right to work. Our crews handled removal of 12 thousand SF of floor tile and mastic floor adhesive. Under the direction of Rick Rickels, we finished within three weeks of the start date, making classrooms ready for teacher use, in-service and training during the remainder of the summer. Now, educators are welcoming back students for learning in refreshed and renovated facilities to launch the 2015-2016 school year.