School’s Out, ARC’s In

School Asbestos Removal Grand Junction Colorado

ARC abated the asbestos on 40K SF of floor tile and mastic at Grand Junction’s Central High School. Mesa Movers emptied each classroom so we could quickly get started. Our work was alongside FCI Constructors to ensure each of our four abatement phases finishes in time for the flooring contractor. Nearly 40% of the tile removal work was completed by hand since we were unable to move the floor-scraping machine to the second floor. All deadlines were met on this 6-figure job.

8-Figures, 12+ Months, 70 Techs


ARC’s Industrial division abated asbestos on six boilers at a non-functioning power plant in Ohio. It was during this project that ARC invested in scaffolding, which was delivered to the site by three 18-wheelers. Cost savings, blending of crews, all-in-one service, smoothness of operation are only a few of the benefits of this unique combination of service and equipment. Throughout the project, the customer has praised ARC for being tidy. “Clean, clean, clean,” the customer said as he walked the site.

Bridge Asbestos Abatement

Bridge Asbestos Abatement

ARC Houston has been abating asbestos on a Galveston County bridge since early March. Our technicians are working over water while battling wind and rain all while traffic continues. Initially, we were going to use a Hydroblast platform, but due to slippery conditions and an incline on the bridge, we were unable to do so. The sheer height of the job has also made it somewhat of a challenge. More than 12,500 square feet was abated in the first month. The seven-figure project should be completed in several weeks.

Who Did It?

New Orleans Hazardous Materials Removal

On April 15, a large crew from our Louisiana office started asbestos abatement on ceilings and floor tiles/mastic in the empty Rosenwald Elementary School building in New Orleans. Unexpected and problematic levels of airborne asbestos have local, state and school officials looking for answers as to who is responsible. Not knowing means ARC will also conduct a specialized cleaning of the entire building. The seven-figure project should be completed in three months.