Removing an Eyesore

ARC completed asbestos abatement, interior and structural demolition on two classrooms wings and a gymnasium at historic Cohn High School’s campus. The local school board hired our team to complete the project between October to November in 2014, with work costs totaling in the five figure range. Risk of the 45-year-old structures collapsing incited a local court to order their demolition. One challenge overcome by our crews was completing work only 50 yards from another elementary school building currently in-use.

Texas Big

Likely the largest asbestos abatement project in the history of the state of Texas, ARC Abatement’s work on 1401 Elm Street in downtown Dallas began in August 2014. The building, Elm Place, is 52-stories and 1.3 million square feet. A challenging aspect of the project is the sheer volume of materials to be abated is approximately five million square feet of materials. ARC will have use of 12 of the 27 elevators that will still be operational to move the hazardous materials. The estimated completion date of this eight-figure contract is October 2015.

Historic Preservation

ARC is overseeing the 500K square foot, three-story Robinson Center asbestos abatement project, which totals in the high six-figure dollar amount. Our work preps the total renovation Little Rock Convention Center. The 76-year old municipal auditorium closed July 1, 2014 and is scheduled to re-open in Fall 2016. The Robinson has been home to some of the most famous performers and productions since it opened. Shows and performances include Elvis, Bob Hope, Eleanor Roosevelt, Willie Nelson and Mikhail Baryshnikov.

What’s New

Herman & Kittle Properties contracted with ARC Abatement to perform interior demolition and asbestos abatement along with minor site work on 50 duplexes in the Southeastern U.S. In December 2014 our crews began the project that will total in the six-figure range. Once our team is finished, the structures will be remodeled to create an affordable housing development called the Dville Apartments. This will offer area families 100 apartment units and a new clubhouse. ARC General Manager Jon Dayton is leading the project.

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