asbestos abatement company

Ron Daniel, Founder/CEO

As founder, president and chief executive officer, Ron Daniel sets the direction, oversees corporate strategy, business development and merger and acquisition activity.

A true Texan with an entrepreneurial spirit, Daniel founded ARC Abatement in his Waco, Texas garage in 1990. Since 1990, ARC Abatement has completed seven million asbestos hours,  440,000 hours of mold remediation from over 1,200 mildew and mold removal projects. The company has more than 300 employees and annual revenues of $40 million. Since 2015, Engineering News-Record has ranked ARC sixth in its “Top 20 Firms in Asbestos Abatement” listing.

ARC is a prosperous nationwide enterprise involving two generations of five Daniel family members, including extended family of brother and sister-in-laws. The umbrella company, ARC Abatement Holding, Inc., consists of three successful ventures and a merger relationship: ARC Abatement, ARC Roofing, and C&C Coating and Construction, plus a merger relationship with Lone Wolf Resources.timeline

Daniel is also active in environmental contractor safety, education, training and licensing. He is certified and licensed in many areas of the industry.  Daniel is committed to the safety of all his employees and ensures it is a priority for all of his business operations.

Daniel is married with two children and a grandson. He enjoys playing golf and following the Baylor BearsTexas Rangers, and Dallas Cowboys.

Under Daniel’s Leadership

During its early years in business, ARC Abatement offered asbestos abatement and lead remediation. But never satisfied with remaining small, Daniel responded to marketplace demands. In the mid-90s, ARC became a natural choice for mold remediation, as insurance agencies around the nation began dealing with claims related to mold growth caused by water damage. After fielding many phone calls from insurance adjustors, Daniel responded by adding mold remediation to ARC Abatement’s list of environmental remediation services.

In 2008, Daniel bought ACSI Environmental Consultants, a struggling company that offered asbestos inspection and survey services. He turned the company profitable, and in  2011, his daughter, Alex, purchased ACSI and it continues to operate profitably as a 100 percent woman-owned business.

In 2013, when Daniel experienced firsthand the frustration that general contractors were having with roofing contractors, he saw a need for reliable and cost-effective roofers, Daniel founded ARC Roofing, another Waco-based company, and one of the few roofing companies that is Carlisle-certified.

Also in 2013, he identified the need for environmental remediation services in the oil industry, including state-of-the-art, contamination-free techniques to solve oilfield environmental problems throughout the United States. This inspiration was his impetus for founding ARC Oil and Gas Services in 2013, which has worked for environmental consultants, facilities management, owners, general contractors and demolition contractors. Petrochemical clients have included Shell Oil Co., Devon Energy, Haliburton, Conoco, and Pioneer, plus many others.

His entrepreneurial spirit not only sparked the expansion of ARC Abatement’s environmental services and the launch of ARC Roofing and ARC Oil and Gas Services but fanned into flame an acquisition and merger strategy.  In 2014, he formed ARC Abatement Holding, Inc.

In 2016, Daniel acquired C&C Coating and Construction, a floundering Midland-based company in need of his strong management skills. He merged ARC Oil and Gas into C&C which now offers a more robust set of oilfield services. His team quickly overhauled C&C’s training and safety programs, which earned the Texas Mutual Insurance Safety Award later that year.

ARC Abatement Holding, Inc. and Lone Wolf Resources (LWR) entered into a definitive equity merger agreement in 2017, under which ARC and LWR provide environmental remediation services to an even broader base of customers in the United States. Retaining the name of Lone Wolf Resources, the merger has expanded the oilfield services already provided by C&C Coating and Construction. This strategic partnership allows specialization in treatment and recycling of impacted soils, sediments, and groundwater.