Fort Worth Asbestos Abatement

Austen Daniel, General Manager

Since 2016 Austen Daniel has served as general manager for ARC Abatement Fort Worth, where he oversees projects from start to finish.

ARC Abatement is something Austen has known since his childhood. In fact, it’s a family tradition which began when his dad, Ron, launched the Waco-based business in his garage in 1990. Austen remembers when his dad opened his first office in Hewitt, Texas, where Austen often visited as a boy. Austen’s fascination with the business continued into high school when he began working as an asbestos removal laborer for ARC Waco. In 2013, he became a project manager for ARC Waco, and in 2014 became project manager for ARC Dallas. In his role as general manager, Austen says he is passionate about letting people know about the health and safety issues associated with asbestos and the importance of utilizing a reliable company like ARC Abatement for its removal.