In addition to environmental remediation services, our Midland, Texas subsidiary, C&C Coating and Construction, provides sandblasting, coating, painting and construction services for oil and gas companies in the Permian Basin region of Texas. Additionally, credentialed Radiation Safety Officers (RSO) handle Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM) remediation including sampling and analysis; surveys; worker and public exposure assessments; sample analysis evaluation; regulatory support; NORM testing, permitting and waste disposal. Companies for whom we provide these services include  Pioneer, Apache, Energen, Petroflex, Reliance, Kel-Tech and others between Big Lake, Pecos, Midland and areas in between.  C&C Coating was awarded Texas Mutual’s 2016 Safety Award in November of that year.

ARC’s NORM Remediation Background

Recognizing the need for environmental remediation services in the oil industry, ARC Oil and Gas Services was launched in 2013, which offered oilfield site restoration to onshore oil and gas production and drilling facilities.  In 2016, ARC acquired C&C, which was a floundering Midland-based company in need of our strong management skills. After overhauling the training and safety programs, which earned us a safety award, we merged C&C with ARC Oil and Gas, keeping the name C&C Coating and Construction. In addition to the environmental remediation that ARC Oil and Gas had offered, C&C Coating and Construction now provides NORM remediation (Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials).

In 2017 we brokered the partial purchase of Lone Wolf Resources. This has brought about a greater focus on the good stewardship of the land. This allows for a complete package of services to oil companies that includes treating and recycling impacted soils, sediments, and groundwater, with the goal of restoring the land to its original use.

Read the press release about our acquisition of C&C Coating and Construction.