Selective Demolition

selective demolition

ARC’s interior, selective demolition and dismantle services include:

  • Dismantling of fixtures
  • Drop ceilings
  • Heating ventilation air conditioning (HVAC) ductwork
  • Electrical and fire protection

Our crews understand the importance of managing a project with little or no disruption to the occupants of the building. It’s a requirement when hazardous materials are involved. A routine demo or dismantlement project will not suffice. Precision is key.

We believe selective demolition is more technical than structural, which is why we use the same crews for demolition as we use for abatement and remediation. Our crews are highly trained and efficient, unlike a crew of day laborers other environmental contractors may use. We work with general contractors and commercial builders on small and large-scale projects including historical renovations.

Our exterior services include knocking out entire manufacturing or commercial building walls or steel beams.

Controlling 1940’s Construction

ARC Houston working on the 1942 Showboat Theatre in downtown Freeport, Texas. Part of the walls fell when the roof collapsed in 2016. No rebar in the original construction made demolition on the other walls dangerous. ARC kept the area safe for a nearby gas station, which was only three feet away. Good work by ARC’s Houston general manager Rick Rickels, Ramon Mendoza and Danny Rico as well as NESHAP ACM/Demo. Read about the theatre. See videos of the demolition below.Selective Demolition