Historic School Demolition

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Historic School Demolition

Removing an Eyesore

ARC completed asbestos abatement, interior and structural demolition on two classrooms wings and a gymnasium at historic Cohn High School’s campus. The local school board hired our team to complete the historic school demolition project between October to November in 2014, with work costs totaling in the five figure range. Risk of the 45-year-old structure collapsing incited a local court to order its demolition. One challenge overcome by our crews was completing work only 50 yards from another elementary school building currently in-use.

A group of 10 alumni of the school protested the demolition for more than a year. On the project start date (Oct. 20, 2014) one of the protestors showed up. The man stood in front of the building, and said he would block the demolition with his body. This was covered by the local CBS station, WAFB and other local media. Watch the news story to learn how former students feel about the demolition.  This is a newspaper story about the school demolition. And finally, more coverage from another TV station.

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