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ARC was founded as an asbestos abatement company in 1990, and it remains our trademark service.  Based in Broomfield and with a second Colorado office in Grand Junction, we abate asbestos in commercial buildings, industrial facilities, military bases, hospitals, schools and universities, governmental institutions and multifamily dwellings.  Why choose ARC Asbestos Abatement Denver?

  • Never dismissed for failing to complete a project
  • 7 million asbestos projects completed since 1990
  • No regulatory violations
  • Lien/bond never attached
  • .79 EMR
  • High bonding capacity and incomparable insurance
  • State-of-the-industry equipment
  • Ranked 8th in 2020 by Engineering News-Record ‘Top 20 Firms in Asbestos Abatement”

Our work is in accordance with the standards and requirements of the state in which we are working and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

In 2013, we opened a regional office in Broomfield to serve Colorado, southern Wyoming, and western Nebraska.  In 2017, we opened in Grand Junction.  Our asbestos abatement Denver team works under experienced supervisors. Andre Sparks is interim general manager of ARC’s asbestos abatement Denver projects.

asbestos companies denverIn early 2018, ARC Abatement Denver initiated Phase I of an abatement project on a 92-year-old, four-story building in Denver. Phase I included interior asbestos abatement and lead abatement.  Phase II begins in May 2018 with exterior window abatement. The building will be developed and used for approximately 106 affordable housing in the Denver area. Development is being led by Zocalo Community Development. Read more here.

Other projects from our Broomfield office include three apartment buildings for the City of Aurora Housing Authority, Colorado Plains Medical Center, the U.S. Army installation at Fort Carson, five apartment complexes for Boulder Housing Partners, the complete abatement of Aims Community College – PSI Building.  He oversaw lead abatement at the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) as well as several Denver Public Schools projects and the University of Colorado – Boulder projects and many others.

ARC Colorado completed the largest Regulation No. 19 lead cleanup in Colorado’s history.  The project followed a downtown Denver apartment building explosion. With 12 licensed technicians, the cleanup lasted more than two months.

ARC Colorado provides methamphetamine lab cleanup. Our clients for this service include several rental property owners and the Boulder County Housing Authority.

We use state-of-the-art asbestos abatement techniques and equipment. If buildings are occupied, we assure minimal disruptions. Our proprietary estimating software, coupled with the expertise of Sparks and his management team, produces cost estimates that continually bring customers back to ARC. These cost estimates include:

  • Streamlined presentation to a few pages with critical and necessary information
  • Consistent and uniform across all offices, seasons, and work volume
  • Drilled down to include all functions and costs of the project
  • Very little variation in the bid price and the actual price

In 2020, ARC announced the company ranks 8th in the Engineering News-Record Top 20 Asbestos Firm 2020 report. ARC had $40.5 million in asbestos abatement revenue in 2019.

“COVID has slowed our total volume by 15%,” said Ron Daniel, founder and CEO of ARC Abatement. “However, with the extra steps of ARC’s COVID safety guidelines, this has been a positive effect on our employees and clients.”

In early March, ARC launched a facility disinfecting service ranging from a customized, comprehensive COVID-19 proactive program to actual cleaning high-touch surfaces. The new service generated hundreds of projects.

With ARC’s expansion in 28-plus states, Daniel believes that company growth will remain strong in 2021, with revenues expected to reach $45M. ARC also will expand next year with new offices in Florida and Utah.

Notable projects recently completed and/or underway in the United States include:

  • Ten months of asbestos removal at the Meredosia Power Station in Illinois totaling in the mid-seven figures.
  • Asbestos removal in several hundred duplexes at Texas State Technical College in Waco, Texas, making way for new student housing.
  • Seven-figure asbestos removal at both the Luminant Power Plant in Fairfield, Texas, and the Luminant Power Plant in Mount Pleasant, Texas, completed in 12 months.

This year ARC Abatement is celebrating 30 years of hazardous material abatement work. The company has never been dismissed or failed to complete an asbestos abatement, mold remediation, or lead abatement project in its three decades.

ARC Abatement has one of the best safety records across all areas in which it works. It has also earned a very competitive Experience Modification Rating (EMR), allowing one the highest quality insurance and bonding programs in the industry.


  • 2020 #8 Top 20 Firms in Asbestos Abatement
  • 2019 #7 Top 20 Firms in Asbestos Abatement
  • 2018 #3 Top 20 Firms in Asbestos Abatement
  • 2017 #6 Top 20 Firms in Asbestos Abatement
  • 2016 #6 Top 20 Firms in Asbestos Abatement
  • 2015 #6 Top 20 Firms in Asbestos Abatement
  • 2014 #10 Top 20 Firms in Asbestos Abatement
  • 2013 #18 Top 20 Firms in Asbestos Abatement

No need to look at other asbestos companies Denver. Call ARC Abatement Denver today at (303) 635-6800.