The Entrepreneurial Story of an Asbestos Contractor

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timelineIn 1990, when he launched ARC Abatement in his Waco, Texas garage, Ron Daniel had no idea he’d be a leading asbestos contractor and have a knack for mergers and acquisitions. In three short decades, ARC Abatement has logged seven million asbestos abatement hours. Ron has continued to expand his entrepreneurial reach beyond Waco by opening regional offices in Denver, Dallas, Austin, Houston, Grand Junction, Midland, and Baton Rouge/New Orleans. 

He began by offering asbestos abatement and lead remediation services to Central Texas businesses, starting with the Hillsboro Courthouse in 1990. From that first small job, ARC Abatement has grown beyond Texas and to $50M in annual revenues by removing asbestos in stadiums, commercial buildings, industrial facilities, military bases, homes, hospitals, power plants, schools and universities across the United States. Asbestos abatement is often the first step before the demolition or renovation of a structure by another company.

This tremendous growth is due, in part, to Ron’s strategy of acquisitions and mergers. In 2008, Ron acquired ACSI, a Baton Rouge-based environmental consulting and licensing firm, which was purchased by his daughter, Alex Benton, in 2011. In 2013, he formed ARC Roofing and ARC Oil and Gas Services. After acquiring Midland-based C&C Coating and Construction, Inc., he merged it with ARC Oil and Gas in 2016, which now provides oilfield remediation and site restoration to conglomerates like Shell and Exxon. In 2014, Ron formed ARC Abatement Holding, Inc., the umbrella company for his enterprises. In 2016, ARC Abatement Holding, Inc. and Lone Wolf Resources announced a merger agreement that extends environmental remediation services to an even broader base of customers in the United States and worldwide.

Today, ARC Abatement Holding, Inc. has increased its industrial client base by one hundred percent and boasts 550 employees, eight offices across the United States, and yearly revenues of 50 million dollars. 

Engineering News-Record, considered the “bible” of the construction industry, ranks ARC Abatement annually:

2018:    #3 Top 20 Firms in Asbestos Abatement

2017:    #6 Top 20 Firms in Asbestos Abatement

2016:    #6 Top 20 Firms in Asbestos Abatement

2016:    #150 Top 200 Environmental Firms

2016:    #417 Top 600 Specialty Contractor

2015:    #6 Top 20 Firms in Asbestos Abatement

2014:    #10 Top 20 Firms in Asbestos Abatement

2013:    #18 Top 20 Firms in Asbestos Abatement

2014:    #519 Top 600 Specialty Contractor

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