Asbestos Removal Greensboro

ARC was founded as an asbestos abatement company in 1990, and asbestos removal is our primary trademark service. For asbestos removal Greensboro and around the Carolinas, ARC Abatement is one of the few companies that have $12M insurance coverage and a stellar EMR rating of .79. Our EMR ranking is something we are proud of and continually strive to maintain as part of our work ethic. ARC performs asbestos abatement and removal in commercial buildings, military bases, hospitals, industrial facilities such as power plants, schools and universities, governmental institutions and multifamily dwellings across the U.S.

Why chose ARC Abatement?

Here are just a few reasons why our customers select and continually partner with ARC on their projects:

  • Never dismissed for failing to complete a project since 1990
  • 12 million hours of asbestos and scaffolding work on over 13,200+ projects completed
  • No regulatory violations
  • Lien/bond never attached
  • State-of-the-industry equipment

Engineering News-Record’s ranked ARC 8th in its Top 20 Asbestos Firm 2020 report. “COVID has slowed our total volume by 15%,” said Ron Daniel, founder and CEO of ARC Abatement. “However, with the extra steps of ARC’s COVID safety guidelines, this has been a positive effect on our employees and clients.”

In early March 2020, ARC launched a facility disinfecting service ranging from a customized, comprehensive COVID-19 proactive program to actual cleaning high-touch surfaces. The new service generated hundreds of projects.

With ARC’s expansion in 28-plus states, Daniel believes that company growth will remain strong in 2021, with revenues expected to reach $45M. ARC also will expand next year with new offices in Florida and Utah. Read the press release.


Asbestos Removal GreensboroOur work is in accordance with the standards and requirements of the state in which we are working and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

ARC Abatement can manage your project needs and requirements. For asbestos removal Greensboro and beyond, call ARC today.

Texas Big

Likely the largest asbestos abatement project in the history of the state of Texas, ARC Abatement’s work on 1401 Elm Street in downtown Dallas began in August 2014. The building, Elm Place, is 52-stories and 1.3 million square feet. A challenging aspect of the project is the sheer volume of materials to be abated — approximately five million square feet of materials. ARC is using 12 of the 27 elevators that are operational to move the hazardous materials. This eight-figure project was completed in February 2017. View the ARC video about the project.  Read more.