Asbestos Abatement

ARC was founded as an asbestos abatement company in Waco, Texas in 1990, and asbestos abatement remains our trademark service. We have regional offices in Dallas, Austin, Houston, Baton Rouge/New Orleans, Tampa, Denver and Grand Junction. We remove asbestos in stadiums, commercial buildings, industrial facilities, military bases, hospitals, power plants, schools and universities, governmental institutions, and multifamily dwellings. Why chose ARC Abatement?

  • Never dismissed for failing to complete a project
  • 12-million man-hours of asbestos abatement and scaffolding work completed
  • No regulatory violations
  • .79 EMR
  • Lien/bond never attached
  • High bonding capacity and incomparable insurance
  • State-of-the-industry equipment
  • Ranked 9th in Engineering News-Record‘s 2021 ‘Top 20 Firms in Asbestos Abatement”

Asbestos AbatementIn the press release announcing ENR’s 2020 ranking, ARC stated it had nearly $37 million in asbestos abatement revenue in 2020.

It was in 2013 that ENR first included ARC on its “Top 20 Firms in Asbestos Abatement” list. Every year since, ARC has ranked on the prestigious industry list.

Other lists on which ARC is ranked is ENR’s “Top 600 Specialty Contractor” and ENR’s “Top 200 Environmental Firms.” But ARC Founder/CEO Ron Daniel is especially honored being ranked nine years on the Top 20 Asbestos Asbestos list.

“Many of the Top 20 firms are subsidiaries of conglomerates where abatement is one of several services offered,” Daniel says. “Since I founded this company in 1990, ARC has been laser-focused on hazardous material abatement.”

In 2021, ARC opened its ninth regional office in Pompano Beach, Florida. This is the company’s second regional office in Florida due to the demand in the region. 

Notable projects in 2021 include asbestos abatement for demolition.

  • Alcoa Plant, Point Comfort, Texas
  • Alcoa Plant, Rockdale, Texas
  • Fort Hood 500-Unit Duplex, Fort Hood, Texas
  • Woodriver Power Plant, Ohio
  • Hackley Hospital, Muskegon Heights, Michigan

In other news, ARC announced it has a 100 percent completion rate since 1990. Also, the company’s Experience Modification Rate (EMR) remains under 1.0 and is currently at 0.79. EMR measures a company’s risk.


  • 2021 #9
  • 2020 #8
  • 2019 #7
  • 2018 #3
  • 2017 #6
  • 2016 #6
  • 2015 #6
  • 2014 #10
  • 2013 #18

Our work is in accordance with the standards and requirements of the state in which we are working and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Texas Big

Likely the largest asbestos abatement project in the history of the state of Texas, ARC Abatement’s work on 1401 Elm Street in downtown Dallas began in August 2014. The building, located at 1401 Elm Street, is 52-stories and 1.3 million square feet. A challenging aspect of the project is the sheer volume of materials to be abated — approximately five million square feet of materials. ARC is using 12 of the 27 elevators that are operational to move the hazardous materials. This eight-figure contract was completed mid-February 2017. Read more about the project here.