ARC's New Orleans Hazardous Material AbatementNew Orleans Hazardous Material Abatement

Competitive Pricing, 100 Percent Compliant

Asbestos Abatement –This is our founding and trademark service. We have completed seven million hours of asbestos abatement work on over 13,200 projects since 1990. We assure minimal disruption to occupied facilities. We are proud of our .76 EMR and stellar compliance status.

Mold Remediation –ARC boasts more than 40,000 hours expanding more than 1,000 projects cleaning mold-contaminated facilities. Using negative pressure engineering, we offer natural mold and mildew removal services including controls to prevent further contamination. Using current, compliant, effective and proven solutions, we respond on a 24-hour basis.

Lead Abatement — Using state-of-the-art techniques, ARC has completed numerous lead and lead-based paint projects. We follow the Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD) guidelines.

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New Orleans Hazardous Material Abatement Resources

United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

EPA: Asbestos Information

EPA: Mold Information

EPA: Lead Information

Agency for Toxic Substances & Disease Registry

Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD) lead guidelines

Occupational Safety & Health Administration’s (OSHA) regulations on asbestos


Louisiana’s Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) regulations on asbestos

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